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Achoo! Children Book's Review

Hi! How are you today? This is my first blog post, I am so nervous! I can't remember days that I put "start writing a blog" on my to do list. I got so nervous because lots of voice in my head saying "I didn't really feel confident in writing, my grammar sucks, my spelling is horrible!". But now, I decide to ignore it and just do it!

I choose to write in English because I want to practice my English skill. It have been so long and my English are so rusty. I will put Indonesia translation also (if I am not lazy, who will read my blog anyway? haha)

Okay, in this first post I will start with something simple.

I will make a review about my favorite children book's collection. This time I will write about a children book with the title: Achoo! writen by Virginie Morgand (based on an original idea by Balthazar Chapuis) and published by Tate Publishing.

I love this book. I bought it when I was visiting International Children Content Right Fair in Chiangmai, Thailand 2018. So, it is pretty new.

This book has big letters and consists of maximum two sentences, suitable for early reader. The story starts with the big blue bear who wants to pick flowers in the spring. But, he lost his ears when he sneeze. His ears then flew somewhere else where the fox mistakenly see the bear's ear as blueberries. But, the fox sneeze also and now she lost her ears!

The colors are so vibrant and consist of basic shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle. It combines together to build an image that encourage kid's creativity and imagination. The overall mood of this book is simple, modern, with alot of white space to breath. The focus is easily recognize. The fonts used in here are slab serif. I think it really suits the illustration style. I adore the simplicity of the shape, the colors, and the texture of the lines.

If you have children, or little nephew, niece, or little brother and sister who starts learning to read in English, I encourage you to buy this book. (it's not sponsored or anything, just purely give you suggestion because of the quality).

The link to buy this book is here.

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